Those wishing to train for triathlon (i.e. all three disciplines) are required to join Triathlon Australia (TA).  

Joining TA and listing Red Dog Triathlon Training (RDTT) as your club gives you a discounted TA Membership, Triathlon Queensland Membership and RDTT Membership.

RDTT Membership costs $30 for the 2020/21 season. This is paid when renewing/joining TA (via the Active System).

TA offers you insurance whilst training for and racing in TA/TQ sanctioned events, priority entry to selected events and other member benefits.

RDTT members will receive a membership card to receive discounts offered exclusively by our sponsors and two bike stickers (eg one for road bike and other for TT bike) which must be attached in order to participate in any RDTT ride.

RDTT recommends all athletes undergo a health check annually, as well as prior to commencing any new training program.  Please advise us of any existing medical issues or new issues as they arise.

Tragically there have been a number of athletes who have recently died while competing in various events and / or training. In some instances their respective medical conditions had been undiagnosed. 

Triathlon (and the respective three disciplines) is a physically intensive sport whereby any underlying or new medical condition can be exacerbated by an individual’s pursuits and training.

All Red Dog athletes (both new and continuing) and whether training at the scheduled sessions, on programs, or on their own, need to ensure that they are satisfied that their medical health is sufficient to engage in the training sessions that they embark upon.

While encouragement is expected from any coach, should anyone feel at any point during a session that they are unable to continue, or have concerns about their health, they must cease training and report this to me or the session coach immediately.

It is the responsibility of all athletes to seek medical assistance for any condition that they suffer, to have regular check-ups from their doctor / allied health practitioners and to ensure that there are no symptoms, injuries, or underlying medical conditions being suffered from that prevent them from training.

Athletes need to follow the recommendations of any treating medical practitioner, and ensure that they are cleared to resume training before they do so. 

- Trent Patten